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Special Collections
American Indian Heritage – American Indian culture, history, and contemporary issues.

American Waves – The historical experiences, persisting customs, and special events that shape ethnic or cultural identity.

Architecture – A survey of master builders, past and present, from around the world.

Art - Insight into the lives and works of both famous and little-known artists.

Biographies - Articles profiling men and women, past and present, who have shaped the world in which we live.

Ceremonies/Festivities – Capturing the vibrant celebrations in cultures around the world.

Craft & Design - Fascinating articles on a variety of crafts from around the world.

Dance – A focus on ballet and modern dance, with a sampling of many other styles.

Diversity in America - What it means to be “American,” and the rich heritages that make up our country.

Eye on the High Court - Veteran attorney David Slade discusses cases on the Supreme Court docket that focus on a range of human concerns.

Fathers of Faith - Five of the world's major religions, focusing on the lives of Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Footsteps of Lincoln - The formative years of the “Great Emancipator.”

Genes & Biotechnology – The tremendous strides that have been made in discovering the structures and functions of genes and manipulating them.

Impacts - Developments in science and technology that have led to significant changes in society.

Media in Review – Ways in which the media has contributed – positively and negatively – to society.

Millennial Moments - The most significant developments of the past millennium, helping us to better understand our world today.

Music – Reviews and analyses of the works, people, and events within the music community.

Peoples of the World – The peoples of the world in the context of their own values and perceptions, and unique environments.

Poetry - Poets and poetry from every corner of the globe.

Point/Counterpoint - A broad sampling of issues addressed over the years in the format of pro and con articles by experts in their fields.

Profiles in Character - People who have cultivated great personal character and brought it to powerful fruition, living lives that benefit humankind in notable and often touching ways.

Science & Spirituality – The fundamental disagreements between science and religion, as well as ways in which they agree on certain issues.

Scientists: Past & Present - New insights into both the life and legacy of the great men and women of science.

Shedding Light on Islam – An in-depth study of the glorious history and rich traditions of Muslim culture and religion.

Speech & Debate - Collections of pertinent articles under the annual resolutions for the National Forensic League’s Policy.

Theater – Analyses of plays and playwrights, categorized by geographical location.

The Civil War – More than 1,000 Civil War articles written by some 200 authors, examining every aspect of this significant event in U.S. history.

The U.S. Constitution – An examination of the most important and imitated body of law in modern history.

Traveling the Globe - A journey replete with cultures, landscapes, sounds, and smells from all corners of the earth.

Worldwide Folktales – A compilation of myths and legends from around the world, collected and retold by some of the foremost scholars in the field.

World of Nature – A tour of many of the marvels in the natural world, from the smallest microbes to the largest whales in the ocean.

Writers & Writing - Profiles of novelists, poets, and playwrights from many cultures and time periods.


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