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Material from a variety of trusted news sources highlights aspects of American daily life important to English-language learners. Intermediate and Advanced levels include audio clips by native speakers for pronunciation, exercises for reading comprehension, vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs. We will soon be introducing a new section called Outstanding ESL Americans, which will contain stories of immigrants who have learned English as a second language and become successful in America, in order to inspire ESL students to do the same.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary - The page is divided into four main sections: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. To play the audio provided in the reading comprehension or vocabulary sections, click on the Advanced Level or Simplified Level icons, then right click on one of the audio icons at the top of the page and select Open Link in New Window.

Idioms – Learning idioms is a very important part of learning to speak a language in conversational form. This section provides a new list of common idioms each week, along with their definitions, sentence uses, and history. From the main ESL page, click on Idioms to read and print the list for the current week.

Phrasal Verbs - Phrasal verbs are another integral part of learning to speak a language fluently, and this section helps students understand how to properly use them in the English language. It provides a new list of phrasal verbs each week, accompanied by their definitions and sentence uses. Click on Phrasal Verbs to read and print the list of phrasal verbs posted during the current week.

ESL Archive - In the right-hand column of the ESL page you will see a link to ESL Archive. This is a rich archive of past articles in a variety of subject areas, including American History, Crime, Government, Language, and Personalities. The archive can also be searched by date.

American Culture Corner - Also on right-hand side of the main ESL page is the American Culture Corner, which provides a wide range of articles on different topics. These articles are designed to give greater insight into American culture and history while improving students’ linguistic and reading comprehension skills.

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