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by using these features:

Our World: Sights & Stories
Helps students, through images and cultural studies, develop greater understanding and respect for peoples of the world beyond our differences, thereby advancing world peace and harmony.

Social Studies page
Covers the full spectrum from Civics & Government, U.S. and World History, and Economics to Religion, Psychology, and Minority Studies – all aligned to your State Standards.

Language Arts page
Offers rich resources on Writers & Writing, Worldwide Folktales, Poetry, Media in Review, Peoples of the World, Speech & Debate, treatises on the arts, and more.

Science page
Presents vital research – from the Life Sciences, Health & Medicine, and Environmental Science to Information & Communications Technologies, Scientists’ Lives, and Science & Values.

State Standards
For your convenience, we aligned our complete eLibrary of articles since 1986 to the State Standards of the 49 states using them, to support the No Child Left Behind initiative.

Teacher’s Guide
Presents 8-12 new lesson plans each month, based on selected articles and categorized by the National Standards. Some 1,200+ lesson plans published since 1992 are available.

Crossword Puzzle
Provides you with a creative means of testing your students’ reading comprehension. Each week we post a new interactive puzzle based on one or two of the latest articles published.

Worldwide Folktales
Peers into the roots and psyche of exotic cultures through 100+ beautifully illustrated folktales. Universal lessons reveal the shared aspects of humanity that make us one family of man.

The World of Nature
Beholds the marvels of nature, from the tiniest microbes to the largest whales, from exquisite sapphires to devastating earthquakes, all part of this fascinating world we call home.

Book Review Archive
Features more than 1,500 insightful appraisals of the latest and the best in both fiction and nonfiction, all retrievable through the archive’s own search engine.

Speech & Debate
Provides those participating in the NFL’s Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debates with a repository of trustworthy material written by scholars and expert practitioners.

Special Reports
Supplies over 400 sets of reports on important topics in the core curriculum areas of Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science.
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