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  Issue Date: 11 / 2006  

Aventura Extraordinaria: U.S. Students Exchange Comfy Classrooms for a South American Experience

Doris Hamilton

Patrick Edwards (right) with his father, Michael Edwards, in Chile. Patrick grew up abroad and studied at an international high school in Belgium. After attending Colorado University, he decided to study in Chile, a country that has enticed him ever since he saw the film Motorcycle Diaries. (Photo by Libby Edwards) Click image to enlarge.

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Alexandra (Alex) Sharkey and John Paul Kennedy. “If I had it all to do over again," says Alex, "I would definitely come to Chile." (Photo by Patrick Edwards) Click image to enlarge.

Doris Hamilton is a freelance writer presently based in Chile. She has taught Spanish, Latin and ESL on both coasts of the U.S. She holds an M.A. in Adult Education and was twice named in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. She has written for the City College of San Francisco publications, Union Action and ESLETTER, and for Cuadernos, the official publication of the Pablo Neruda Foundation. She works in the Pablo Neruda Museum in Isla Negra, Chile, and cares for abandoned animals in a home-based shelter.
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