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East European

Hamlet: Andrzej Wajda's Unique Take  (Oct 1989)
Moscow Gold:The Rise and Fall of Gorbachev  (Dec 1990)
Three Sisters: The Redgrave Outrage  (Mar 1991)
After the Velvet Revolution  (Sep 1993)
Catharsis in Bucharest  (Jun 1991)
Chernobyl as Theater: Sarcophagus and the Human Element  (Jan 1988)
Coping With Glasnost  (Jan 1990)
East Europe's Introspective Theater  (Apr 1992)
Fate and the Imperial Dream: A Russian Approach  (Feb 2000)
Fatulescu's Triumphant Return  (Jan 1994)
Gardzienice: The Heart Is a Language: Polish Theater Group Speaks to the Collective Unconscious  (Oct 1988)
Glasnost Comes to Bulgaria  (Mar 1990)
Golden Lion International Festival: The Theatrical Lions of Lvov  (Nov 1998)
Identity Matters: State of the Balkan Stage  (Feb 2004)
Katona Jozsef Theater Company: The Flowering of Hungarian Theater  (May 1994)
Lithuania Theater Restructured  (Aug 1991)
Lithuania's National Theater: The Politics of Suffering  (Dec 1990)
Master of the Apocalyptic Stage: Josef Szajna at 80  (Jul 2003)
Moscow Theater Mirrors the Chaos: Staged Anarchy  (Oct 1993)
Moscow, the Play's the Thing  (May 2002)
Pitfalls of Freedom  (May 1995)
Poland's Kontakt Theater Festival Creates Theater Contacts  (Nov 1994)
Poland's Theatrical Vision  (Mar 1993)
Romania Looks Back in Anger  (Feb 1993)
Romania's Passion: Revising the Classics  (Jun 2004)
Romianian Theater: Hail to King Ubu!  (Jan 1992)
Russia's Cerceau: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Humanist  (Jan 1991)
Russia's View of the McCarthy Years: Fearful Eye on the West  (Nov 1993)
Russian Theater: Feeling the Pain  (Jul 1989)
St. Petersburg: A Tale Of Two Theaters  (Jun 1993)
Stanislavsky and Meyerhold Remembered: Muffled Explosion  (Nov 1988)
Stanislavsky on Home Ground  (Jul 1989)
Yuri Lyubimov: World-Class Director  (Apr 1987)

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