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The sonnets of Shakespeare, elegies by Thomas Gray, and odes to mice and lice by Robert Burns are commonly anthologized. Here, however, The World & I has produced a truly unique collection designed to help you explore poetry beyond the ordinary, from that of Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Simpson to eighth-century Japanese verses by Lady Hegun.

Of a Woman's Heart : Three U.S. Poems

Memory, Love, and Personals : Three U.S. Poems

Poetry in Process : Four U.S. Poems

Water, Fire, and the Gods : Eight U.S. Poems

Circle of Stone and the Spoken Word : Five U.S. Poems

Clues to Our Existence : Five U.S. Poems

Make a World: A Bulwark Against Despair : Four U.S. Poems

Leprosario : A Cuban Poem

Shadow on Fire: From Wild Gratitude : Three U.S. Poems

The Mending Word : A U.S. Poem

Why Stay Home, With New Worlds Everywhere? : Three U.S. Poems

Winter Thoughts : Four U.S. Poems

'Out of Place' : Five U.S. Poems

Moving On : Four Canadian Poems

Our Ritual Distance : Two U.S. Poems

Beauty in the Moment : Four Canadian Poems

Spring, Summer, and a World of Night : Four U.S. Poems

The Fifties, Gaia, and the Pumpkin Woman : Five U.S. Poems

All That Life Is : Four U.S. Poems

A Light Still Burns : Six U.S. Prison Poems

Poets and Poetry

In fact, whereas Asian poetry is largely ignored in the United States with the exception of haiku, we include in this set, for your enrichment, Graeme Wilson’s interpretations of poems from China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Add to these the work of Cuban, Israeli, Estonian, and other poets and you have a collection unlike those found anywhere else.

We also present appreciative essays about the contributions of poets such as Robert Frost, John Crowe Ransom, Robert Graves, and René Char, as well as take a look at some novel approaches to poetry. For those curious about other cultures and times, looking into the personal reflections of poets offers the chance to experience an intimate, shared moment between the poet, his or her cultural inheritance, and ourselves.

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