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Media Issues

Zimbabwe Minister Dismisses Claims of Media Clampdown (Oct 2013) 
Female Journalists Walk on Eggshells in Sri Lanka (Mar 2013) 
Cyber War and Peace (May 2012) 
Journalists Defy Violence, Self-Censorship (Jun 2011) 
Censorship: Malaysia Clamps Down on Political Satire  (Nov 2010) 
Blogs, Rumors, and Armchair Warriors  (May 2010) 
Wake-Up Call on Media Goes Out to Japan  (Jun 2006) 
Israeli Media Arrived at Revulsion Over Reporting the Intifada  (Apr 2005) 
Media and Democracy in China  (Sep 2004) 
Tilting to the White?  (Jan 2004) 
War Coverage That Angered Everyone  (Nov 2003) 
How the Iraq War Was Seen Overseas  (Jul 2003) 
Reforming the Fourth Estate  (Apr 2003) 
Coverage of Racial Tension  (Feb 2003) 
PBS: Necessity or Anachronism?  (Nov 2002) 
Russia's Most Dangerous Profession  (Aug 2001) 
'Spin': Tilting the Truth  (Jul 2001) 
How Daily News Dumbs Us Down  (Apr 2001) 
Color TV  (Mar 2000) 
The JFK Jr. Feeding Frenzy  (Oct 1999) 
The Shout Shows  (May 1999) 
Internet News: Cybergold or Cybersludge?  (Oct 1998) 
King of the Alternative Media  (Jul 1997) 
Fighting for Facts in Bosnia  (Feb 1996) 
Pulling the TV Plug in Federal Court  (Apr 1995) 
The Art of Leaks  (Dec 1994) 
Eastern Europe: Power and the Press  (Aug 1994) 
Lopsided Coverage of Crime  (Jul 1991) 
The Patriot and SDI: Changing Images  (May 1991) 
The World's First TV War  (Apr 1991) 
New Thinking for a New Era  (Mar 1991) 
The Savings and Loan Scandal: The Untold Story  (Feb 1991) 
Smoke Screens Around the Budget Crisis  (Jan 1991) 
Television's Gulf Crisis  (Dec 1990) 
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