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Could FDA E-cigarette Regulations Help More People Quit Smoking?
 (Mar 2016)
‘Rowing’ Wheelchair is a Moving Experience (Oct 2014)
Cote d'Ivoire's Tech Solutions to Local Problems (May 2014)
No Lone Wolves in Cybserspace (Feb 2013)
Stone Tools: Earliest Use Identified  (Sep 2010)
Hubble Finds Most Distant Primeval Galaxies  (Feb 2010)
Developing Internet-Equipped Satellites  (May 2008)
Atomic Clocks: Superaccurate Time Keeping  (Jan 1997)
Particle Accelerators: The Fleeting Glance, the Healing Touch  (Aug 1996)
Pencils: Writ Large, but Little Noted  (Feb 1994)
CD-ROMs: Learning Not to Forget  (Oct 1992)
Bar Codes: Bars and Stripes Forever  (Aug 1992)
Optical Spectroscopy: The Servant of Science  (Nov 1991)
O-Rings: The Ubiquitous Rubber Seals  (Oct 1991)
Balloons: Buoyant Flight  (Sep 1990)
Lasers at Thirty  (Mar 1989)
Electron Microscope Reveals the Tiniest Worlds  (Apr 1986)

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