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Click on a title below to access the article. (The World & I issue that the article appeared in is found in parentheses.)

US Lawmakers Propose Smartphone Bill
 (May 2016)
How Secure Is Your Smartphone’s Lock Screen? (May 2016)
Ada Lovelace: Forgotten Computer Genius (Jan 2016)
The State of the Podcast (Nov 2015)
Web Design Plays a Role in How Much We Reveal Online (Nov 2015)
Bringing Computer Skills to Classrooms (Sep 2015)
Professors Gaze Toward a Secure, Sustainable Future (May 2015)
UNDP Eyes Ukraine’s Damaged Buildings With Crowdsourcing, Mobile App (Mar 2015)
Web Tools Help Expectant Moms Counter Weight Gain (Mar 2015)
Space-Age Technology Points African Herders in Right Direction (Mar 2015)
Cote d'Ivoire's Tech Solutions to Local Problems (May 2014)
The Asia-Africa Link is IT (Jan 2014)
Deep Brain Stimulation Aids Victims of Parkinson’s Disease:  (Feb 2012)
Designing Diamond Circuits for Extreme Environments (Sep 2011)
Electric Yellowstone (May 2011)
Ultrafast Data Transfer  (Jan 2011)
Space Electronics  (Jan 2011)
A Photovoltaic Technology that Self-Repairs  (Dec 2010)
Transparent Conductive Material Could Lead to Power-Generating Windows  (Dec 2010)
Environmental Electronics: Breakthrough Promises Optimum Results  (Nov 2010)
Fuel Cells in Operation: A Closer Look  (Nov 2010)
Nanotechnology: Nanowires for Smaller, More Powerful Devices  (Jan 2010)
Got it! A Single-Molecule Diode  (Jan 2010)
Spread Spectrum Signaling: Secret Spreading  (Apr 2003)
Spread Spectrum Signaling: Beauty Belies Brains  (Apr 2003)
Spread Spectrum Signaling: What's a Wide Band?  (Apr 2003)
Information Technology: South Africa's Election Technology Coup  (Nov 1999)
Electrons: Sophisticated Simplicity  (Sep 1997)
Piezoelectric Crystals: Twitches and Sparks  (Apr 1994)
Magnetrons: Microwave Rave  (Apr 1993)
CD-ROMs: Learning Not to Forget  (Oct 1992)
Shortwave Radio: Listening to the World  (Mar 1992)
Batteries: Storing Energy  (Oct 1988)
Communications Satellites  (Jun 1987)
Digitizing  (May 1986)
Transistors: Ushering in the Electronic Age  (Jan 1986)

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