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U.S. Military Presence Abroad

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its military and/or police presence in one or more of the following: South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey

Following the end of World War Two, he United States military presence expanded to several foreign countries in Europe and Asia. The Korean and Vietnam Wars, along with the Cold War, led to even more U.S. military bases around the world. Since the Gulf War, U.S. involvement in these six nations has become increasingly problematic.

The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States led to a new War on Terror. Large military deployments were made to Afghanistan and Iraq. Withdrawal dates from these countries are hotly debated topics in U.S. politics.

While many argue that U.S. presence is needed in these foreign countries to help preserve global peace, some feel that the United States takes too large a role in the affairs of other nations. It has even been suggested that the U.S. military has overstayed its welcome in many countries.

This collection will help to develop arguments in respect to U.S. military around the world. The articles examine the events that led to U.S. presence, the current U.S. involvement, current security threats around the world, as well as alternatives to military presence. The collection is drawn primarily from the World and Iís e-library of back issues.

What Led to U.S. Involvement?
The Middle East
Global Security Threats
  Nuclear Proliferation
United States: The World's Policeman?
Current U.S. Military Efforts
A Closer Look at Each Nation
A World Without U.S. Military Presence
Are There Other Options?
    The Spread of Peace
    Diplomatic Relationships
    The Changing U.S. Military

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