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Education Reform in America (2017-2018)

The US school system has been widely criticized for a plethora of variables including poor teacher pay in correspondence with arbitrary standard test grades, overcrowded classes, overburdened students, mounting costs, and a low educational global ranking.

Teachers and politicians alike of varying educational philosophies have recently scrutinized the question of what to do first and how to best utilize support from the federal government, as well as how to judge students on a fairer scale. One popular solutions involves tailoring local charter schools to help boost a given regionís studentsí weaker skills, but this approach has been less successful when implemented on a national scale. Another is propagating the growth of online schooling as we move forward into increasingly technology-reliant times.

The time is now to begin thinking about other possible improvements to the American school system, because it has improved only minimally since the 1970ís, even though the budget has increased three-fold since then. Those children from lower-income homes and minorities are still showing a disparity in educational achievement. This last point shows the implications of debating such a topic-- the intersection of race, economic stability, and gender all play a part in an individual studentís success.

Overall, ideas for building the school system into a better model are endless, and education reform is not wanting for passionate teachers and advocates for better child rearing. Public money can and therefore should be used to implement some of these ideas, so that as a country the United States can increase its global standing and give all its children the opportunity to gain a better life through education.

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