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Biotechnology and Medicine | Cloning | Ethical and Social Issues | Genetic Engineering | Genetically Modified Plants and Animals | Genomes and Beyond  | Invisible Genes, Visible Traits  | Miscellaneous Applications

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Ethical and Social Issues

Ethical and Social Issues
Immortality 2.0  (Feb 2009)
Global Fund Optimistic About AIDS Battle: Growing Caseloads in India, China Cause Concern  (Aug 2004)
We Are Our Genes--Not!  (Nov 2001)
Who's in Charge of the Gene Genie?  (Jan 2000)
Holy Grail or Pandora's Box?: Evaluating Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research  (Nov 1999)
Thoughts on Cloning People  (Oct 1997)
Genes and Sex  (Nov 1996)
Genetic Dilemmas  (Mar 1995)
Euthanasia and Prenatal Genetic Testing: Two Cases for Responsible Use of Freedom  (Mar 1993)
A Dream Postponed  (Feb 1991)
Biomedical Research: Genetic Testing and Confidentiality  (Sep 1990)
The Nobility of Seed Research and Its Critics  (Jul 1986)

"What's Next for Genetically Modified Foods?"
Global Forum, Natural Science, Dec. 1999
India: Resist Genetically Modified Foods, Unless ...  (Dec 1999)
U.K.: Improve Methods and Test Genetically Modified Foods  (Dec 1999)
U.S.: Develop and Deploy Genetically Modified Foods  (Dec 1999)

"Human Embryo Research"
Commentary, Current Issues, Dec. 1994
Human Embryo Research: Put on the Brakes  (Dec 1994)
Human Embryo Research: Take the High Road  (Dec 1994)

"The Ethics of Biotechnology"
Special Feature, Currents in Modern Thought, Dec. 1994
Ecological Brinkmanship: The Genetic Engineering of Microbes and Plants  (Dec 1994)
Biotechnology Applied to Microbes: Taking Agricultural Sustainability a Step Forward  (Dec 1994)
Prometheus Unbound: The Dangers of Biotechnology  (Dec 1994)
The Benefits and Ethics of Creating Transgenic Food Animals  (Dec 1994)
Introduction  (Dec 1994)
Brave New Food  (Dec 1994)

"Biotechnology and Ethics"
Special Feature, Currents in Modern Thought, Nov. 1987
Introduction  (Nov 1987)
The Vatican and Birth Technology  (Nov 1987)
Biotechnology: An Overview and Evaluation  (Nov 1987)
The Silence of Ethics and the Economies of Medicine  (Nov 1987)

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