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Brueghel: Open Secrets  (Jan 1997)
Luc Tuymans: To Clarify and Visualize  (May 2010)
Magritte: Revolution by Stealth  (Aug 1992)
Rubens: Revered and Reviled  (Mar 1994)
Rubens: The Great Fleming  (Apr 2005)
Subliminal Sight: Five Belgian Moderns  (May 1997)
The Contemplative Eye: Early Netherlandish Painting  (Aug 1998)
Van Dyck Rediscovered  (Oct 1999)
Van Dyck: A Near Infinity of Meaning  (Mar 1991)

'The Steins Collect: The Parisian Avant-Garde' (Oct 2011)
Bonnard: Inside His Intimate World  (Apr 1990)
Boucher: At the Metropolitan  (Apr 1986)
Bridgestone Beauties  (Jan 1991)
Caillebotte: Urban Impressionist  (Aug 1995)
Cézanne: A Tenuous Triumph  (Jun 1996)
Cézanne: Painting Dark Dreams  (Feb 1989)
Corot in Retrospect: A Quiet Radiance  (Sep 1996)
Courbet Reconsidered  (Apr 1989)
Daumier's World  (Nov 1999)
Degas: Master of Landscape  (May 1994)
Degas: Melancholy Prisoner of His Art  (Jun 1988)
Delacroix's Indelible Art  (Sep 1998)
Dubuffet: Champion of Raw Art  (Sep 1993)
Eugene Boudin: A Tableau of the Sea  (Jun 2007)
Fragonard: An Artist Ahead of His Time  (Feb 1988)
Gauguin: Rebel as Glorious Artist  (May 1988)
Gauguin: The Self-Professed Savage  (May 2011)
Impressionism's Beginnings  (Oct 1994)
Ingres: Reluctant Portraitist of an Era  (Aug 1999)
Into the Woods  (Apr 2008)
Japonisme and the Fifties: Two Major Paris Exhibitions  (Jan 1989)
Legendre, Artist  (Jun 1991)
Marie de Medicis: A Life in the Louvre  (May 2006)
Marquet: A Singularly Independent Artist  (Jul 1988)
Matisse in Morocco  (Jun 1990)
Matisse: Revolutionary Conservative  (Jan 1993)
Monet: Paintings in a Whole New Light  (May 1990)
Monet: Seventy Years of Art  (Dec 1995)
Morisot and Her Talented Circle  (May 2005)
Morisot: Coming Into Her Own  (Nov 1987)
Nicolas de Stael: Affirming Pure Painting  (Apr 1991)
Paris' Orsay Museum, and Japanese Avant-garde at the Pompidou  (Mar 1987)
Picasso and Braque: Mano a Mano  (Oct 1989)
Pissarro's Pointillist Impressionism  (Jul 1993)
Poussin: Beyond Classicism  (Jan 1995)
Redon: Magical and Macabre  (Aug 1992)
Redon: Triumph of Light  (Mar 1995)
Rene Magritte: Master of the Half Dream (Mar 2012)
Renoir's Benevolent Vision  (Oct 1997)
Renoir: Rebirth of the Riviera Garden  (Aug 1989)
Rouault: The Unknown Artist  (May 1992)
Seurat: Precocious Genius  (Oct 1991)
Sisley: The Impressionist's Impressionist  (Sep 1992)
Tide of Decadence: French Art from 1500-1800  (Nov 2009)
Toulouse-Lautrec Captured the Glitter and the Gutter  (May 2005)
Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibition Has a Powerful Contemporary Resonance  (May 2005)

A Fresh Look at Frescoes  (Dec 1993)
Bassano: Rediscovered  (May 1993)
Boccioni: Discovering the Theorist of Futurism  (Feb 1989)
Caravaggio's Roman Carnival  (Mar 2010)
Fra Angelico's Moving Art in a Groundbreaking Exhibit  (Jan 2006)
Gentileschi: Queen of the Italian Baroque  (Oct 1989)
Guercino's Transformation  (Jun 1992)
Mantegna Revised  (Jul 1992)
Michelangelo: The Pristine Chapel  (Jul 1994)
Modigliani: That Brilliant Bohemian  (Jan 1991)
Orazio and Artemisia: Father and Daughter Artists of the Baroque  (Mar 2002)
Piero della Francesca: Five Hundred Years Young  (Nov 1992)
Reni: Baroque Sentiment to Spare  (Jun 1989)
Richard Maury: American Realist  (Nov 1991)
Schiele and the Modernist Culture of Youth  (Jan 2006)
Spotlight on Siena  (Mar 1989)
The Golden Age of Emilian Painting, 1500-1700  (Feb 1987)
Tiepolo's Heavenly Visions  (Apr 1997)
Titian: The Grand Old Master of Venice  (Nov 1990)
Venice: Rococo Glory in the Eighteenth-Century  (Feb 1995)

Barbarians in Yokohama  (Sep 1990)
Edo Period: Art in Japan 1615-1868  (Feb 1999)
Emaki: The Magic Scrolls of Japan (Apr 2012)
Full Moon Over Hiroshige  (Sep 1997)
Higashiyama: Flowers of the Moon  (Apr 1987)
Hokusai the Great  (Nov 1989)
Hokusai's Bizarre and Beautiful Images  (Apr 2006)
Japan's Ironic Enticement  (Sep 1990)
Japonisme and the Fifties: Two Major Paris Exhibitions  (Jan 1989)
Momoyama: Japan's Golden Age  (Dec 1996)
Paris' Orsay Museum, and Japanese Avant-garde at the Pompidou  (Mar 1987)
The Rough, Spontaneous Power of Zen  (May 1989)
Three Centuries of Japanese Women Artists  (Apr 1988)

Claesz Works Provide a Repast of Still-lifes  (Nov 2005)
Hals: The People's Painter  (Dec 1989)
Jan de Bray: Allegorical Portraits as History  (Jun 2005)
Mondrian, the Model Modernist  (Sep 1995)
Rembrandt Reconsidered  (Mar 1992)
Rembrandt's Self-Portraits: Shadow and Substance  (Jan 2000)
Steen: Person and Persona  (Jul 1996)
The Contemplative Eye: Early Netherlandish Painting  (Aug 1998)
Van Gogh Superstar  (Jul 1990)
Van Gogh: Great Artist in Desperate Moments  (Feb 1987)
Van Gogh: Vincent'sTreasure Trove of Van Gogh  (Oct 1998)
Vermeer: Visions of Quietude  (Nov 1995)
Vincent van Gogh's Starry Testament  (Nov 2008)
When Art Was Golden: Dutch Arts of the 1600s  (Dec 2000)

Chagall's Russia  (Jul 1991)
Collecting Soviet Art  (Dec 1990)
Filonov: Sixty Years Later  (Aug 1990)
Grinevich and Filonov: The Aristocrat and the Revolutionary  (Aug 1988)
Inside the Gulag  (Nov 2009)
Liubov Popova: Art Into Life  (Aug 1991)
Malevich the Mighty  (Oct 1990)
Sergei Potapov: Metaphysical Landscapes  (Apr 1991)
The Eternal Icon: Treasures From Russia  (Dec 1992)
Wassily Kandinsky: A Journey from the 'Beginnings'  (Oct 2008)
Wurdeman: An American Impressionist Trained in Russia  (Feb 2006)

Calder and Miro: Two Artists of a Century  (Jan 2005)
Dalí: Insubordinate Surrealist  (Aug 1997)
Dalí: Retrospective Exhibition Showcases Late Artist  (Mar 1990)
El Greco to Picasso: The Sweeping Spectacle of Spain  (Mar 1988)
El Greco's Life and Work: Vision and Process  (May 2008)
El Greco: The Earthly Transfigured  (Jan 2004)
Garcia: Timeless Realism  (Dec 1991)
Goya Triumphant  (May 1989)
Gris: Cubism's Great Theorist  (Jul 1993)
Miró: A New Genesis  (Nov 1993)
Miró: A Quest for Historical Relevance  (Aug 1987)
Pablo Picasso: The Protean Form Unleashed  (May 2010)
Picasso, Master of Metamorphosis  (Oct 1992)
Picasso: The Soul Masked  (Oct 1996)
Ribera: A Spanish Realist in Baroque Italy  (Dec 1992)
Spanish Subjects, Unadorned: Portrait Exhibition in Madrid Spans 500 Years  (Dec 2004)
Tapies: Catalan Mystic  (Dec 1991)
Velazquez: Anticipating the Impressionists  (Sep 1989)
Zurbaran: Celebrating the Glory of God  (Jan 1988)

United Kingdom
Bacon, Artist of Anguish  (Aug 1990)
Constable: The Peculiarly English Painter  (Sep 1991)
Plantagenet England: The Age of Chivalry  (Feb 1988)
Shelley's Good Earth  (Nov 2004)
Sisley: The Impressionist's Impressionist  (Sep 1992)
The Golden Age of Scottish Painting, 1707-1843  (Oct 1986)
Turner's Venice  (Apr 2004)
Turner: Music in Paint  (Mar 2001)
Whistler, Monet, and Others Paint a Gray and Gritty London  (Dec 2005)
William Blake, Visionary Rebel  (Oct 2009)

United States
America Envisioned: Epic Landscapes of a New World  (Jun 2002)
Artists Capture the Great American West  (Mar 2007)
Astronaut's Paintings Celebrate Apollo Missions  (Sep 2009)
Bak: The Eleventh Miracle  (Sep 1994)
Bearden: Civil Rights Activist and Artist  (Feb 2004)
Bellows: Modernist Realist  (May 1992)
Cassatt Exhibit Celebrates Mother-Child Bond  (Feb 2009)
Cassatt: Genteel Powerhouse  (Mar 1999)
Catlin and the Indians  (Dec 2002)
Church: Sublime Psalms of Light  (Feb 1990)
Cole: Artist's Vision  (Nov 1994)
Dashiell Captures Colorful America  (Aug 2006)
Davis: American Modernist  (Apr 1992)
Diebenkorn: A Different Drummer  (Feb 1998)
Domestic Bliss: Family Life in American Painting, 1840-1910  (Nov 1986)
Eakins: America's Spurned Master  (Dec 1994)
Eakins: Shunned Innovator  (Oct 2001)
Easter Story Shown Through Paintings  (Apr 2007)
Eastern Magic / Western Minds  (Apr 2009)
Edward Hicks: The Peaceable Kingdoms  (Dec 1999)
Fitz Hugh Lane: Transcendental Luminist  (Nov 1988)
Fonseca's Stunning One-Man Show  (Jan 2005)
Frankenthaler: Acquiring Strength  (Jun 1989)
Georgia O'Keeffe: Skyscrapers with Flowers and Desert  (May 2007)
Gifford: A Legacy in World Travel  (Sep 2004)
Gifford: Lucent Dreams  (Mar 2004)
Gorky, Arshile: An Artist’s Heritage and Legacy  (Apr 2010)
Graffiti: A Wild, Crazy World  (Nov 2010)
Grand Prix Racing and Modern Art  (Dec 1988)
Grandma Moses: The Legacy  (Sep 2001)
Harvey: Walking in Beauty  (Jun 2004)
Hopper and the 'Chaos of Ugliness'  (Jan 1990)
Hopper: The Loneliness of Edward Hopper  (Feb 2011)
Hudson River School: Painting Eden  (Oct 2010)
Hudson River School: Visions of Paradise  (Dec 1987)
Inness: Parts of 'Lost' Painting United  (Feb 2005)
Inness: The Cultivated Landscapes  (Sep 1986)
Into the Woods  (Apr 2008)
Jacob Lawrence: Stories of the Soul  (Feb 2002)
Japan's Ironic Enticement  (Sep 1990)
Jasper Johns: The Inflation of Art  (Mar 1997)
Koerner: The Eternal Feminine  (Jun 1986)
Magical American Fresco  (Feb 2001)
Martin: An Awareness of Perfection  (Oct 2004)
Mitchell: The Expatriate Artist Comes Home  (Jul 1988)
Modesitt: Reflections of a Modern-Day Impressionist  (Dec 2005)
Moran: American Landscapes  (Dec 1997)
Museum Without Walls  (Jan 1992)
O'Keeffe Centenary: Honoring America's Most Famous Woman Artist  (Nov 1987)
Olbinski: Poetry in Paint  (Jul 1995)
Peale: America's First Family of Art  (Nov 1996)
Peale: The Unveiling  (Feb 1993)
Portraits of Our Colonial Forebears  (Nov 1987)
Pousette-Dart: An Abstract Expressionist Surprise  (Jun 1991)
Putnam: A Colorful Artist  (Aug 1986)
Ratner: In Love With the Bible  (May 1998)
Renaissance of American Impressionism  (Mar 1987)
Richard Maury: American Realist  (Nov 1991)
Rockwell Revisited  (Feb 2000)
Rothko: Emotion in the Abstract  (Jul 1998)
Ryder: An Unknown Artist  (Apr 1990)
Sargent's Exuberant Artistry  (Jan 1999)
Sargent: Retrospective  (Jan 1987)
Stella: Outsider Nonpareil  (Aug 1994)
Tanner: An American Artist  (Sep 1991)
The Genius of American Painting on Display  (Oct 2005)
The New Realism  (Feb 1986)
The Wyeths: An American Dynasty of Painters (Feb 2014)
Touching Rainbows: The Art of Jonathan Green  (Apr 2008)
Wassily Kandinsky: A Journey from the 'Beginnings'  (Oct 2008)
West Coast Movement: A Rare Look at San Fransisco Bay-Area Art  (Aug 2004)
Whistler's World  (May 1995)
Whistler: A Haunting Show of Near-Abstract Small Paintings  (Aug 2005)
Willem de Kooning at Ninety  (Apr 1994)
William Wiley: Complexity & Contradiction  (Jan 2010)
Winslow Homer: A Vivid Watercolor Palette  (May 1986)
Winslow Homer: All-American Artist  (Mar 1996)
Wurdeman: An American Impressionist Trained in Russia  (Feb 2006)
Wyeth Family: Three Generations of Artists  (Oct 1987)

Other Countries
150 Years After Munch's Birth, An Intimate Look at Work Beyond 'The Scream' (Oct 2013)
al-Sabah Collection: Treasures of Islamic Art  (Feb 1991)
Algonquin: Art in the Wilderness  (Mar 2002)
Apartheid South Africa: 30 Works Show Cruelty  (Nov 2004)
Art of the Fantastic: An Unusual Latin American Celebration  (Aug 1987)
Bak: The Eleventh Miracle  (Sep 1994)
Brancusi, Romanian Artist  (Oct 1995)
Canvas on Wheels: Truck Art in Pakistan  (Dec 2010)
Chang Dai-chien: Transformational Traditionalist  (Jan 1992)
China Goes Contemporary  (Jun 1993)
Chinese Art Over Five Millennia  (Jan 1989)
Chinese Art: Five Thousand Years of Elegance  (Aug 1991)
Choo: The Middle Game  (Nov 1986)
Eastern European Repressed Speak Out: Salvation Through Art  (May 1988)
Giacometti: The Epitome of Modern Angst  (Sep 1988)
Hatitian Town Nurtures Art Amid Chaos  (Dec 2004)
Henein: Infused With 5,000 Years of History  (Aug 1989)
Hokusai and Hiroshige: Super Surfers of the Floating World  (Feb 2008)
Ilija: His First American Exhibition  (Mar 2006)
Indian Art Going Global  (Feb 2005)
Kandinsky Kaleidoscope  (Apr 1995)
Kiefer: Exorcising the Ghosts of German Past  (Jun 1988)
Klee: Reevaluating the Artist With the Silent Smile  (Jun 1987)
Kokoschka: 'Love What You See'  (Oct 1986)
Kupka Discovered  (Jun 1990)
Lam: Multicultural Modernist  (Mar 1993)
Lee Joong Hi: Painting the Invisible  (Jan 1994)
Mexican Art: Splendors of Thirty Centuries  (Nov 1990)
Nairobi’s Famed Matatu Graffiti Is Back (Mar 2015)
Nazi Germany Art: Elegy for the Oppressed  (Feb 1992)
Nuernberg: Splendid Medieval and Renaissance Art  (Jun 1986)
Olbinski: Poetry in Paint  (Jul 1995)
Picasso and Braque: Mano a Mano  (Oct 1989)
Pre-Classical Greek Art: The Pefection of Youth for 500 Years  (Mar 1988)
Rare Acquisitions Illuminate Latin American History (Jun 2012)
René Francisco Rodríguez: “Art Can Transform Small Aspects of Society” (Jun 2011)
Revolutionary Walls: The Mexican Muralists (Mar 2011)
Samuel Bak's New Paintings: Still, Life  (Jan 2007)
Schiele: Progress of a Rebel  (Jun 1994)
Seoul Art: Where Past and Present Meet  (Feb 1993)
Starowieyski: Stammerings of the Human Soul  (Jul 1989)
The German Phoenix Rises  (Feb 1989)
Threads on Canvas: Part 1  (Apr 2010)
Threads on Canvas: Part 2  (May 2010)
Vienna 1900: Between Dream and Reality (Apr 2011)
Yalçın Gökçebağ's Harmonious Anatolia  (May 2007)
Yanomami Body Painting  (Jun 2010)

A Collector's Eye: The Berggruen Collection  (Mar 1989)
A Conversation About Conservation  (Jun 2000)
An Obituary for Painting  (Feb 2007)
Behind Orientalism's Veil  (May 2009)
Easter Story Shown Through Paintings  (Apr 2007)
Eastern Magic / Western Minds  (Apr 2009)
If You Want Peace, Make Art (Nov 2014)
National Museum of Women in the Arts: The Neglected Art of Women Now Represented  (Apr 1987)
Rob Gonsalves (Nov 2014)
The Icon: Theology Through Image  (Aug 1988)
The Majlis Painters (Sep 2013)
The Portrayal of the Madonna and Child Throughout History  (Dec 1986)
Trompe L'Oeil's Enduring Allure  (Jan 2003)
Which paintings were the most creative of their time? An algorithm may hold the answers (Dec 2015)

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