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Spanish Classes

Each week the Spanish page presents authentic source material for Reading Comprehension with text, audio, and exercises, as well as Vocabulary, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and extensive Basics section for beginners, and a Latin American Cultures archive in English.

Uber quiere desarrollar taxis aéreos para 2020

Weekly articles on various aspects of Latin American life. Features authentic source material, audio, and exercises.


Select words from the article with English definition, part of speech, sound byte by a Latin American, Spanish synonym, and sentence usage translated.


“Blind as a bat?” No, in Spanish it’s “Blind as a mole.” Here you’ll learn common idioms, along with their English equivalent, sentence use, and translation.


The Spanish language is full of interesting word usages. Our phrasal verbs feature includes English definition, sentence use, and English translation.

  Find everything from the alphabet, pronunciation, and word stress to fundamentals, basic grammar, & essential phrases.

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