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  The U.S. Constitution covers the full spectrum of Social Studies curricula, from Civics to World Culture Studies. It is the ultimate educational resource of expert contributions for junior and senior high school students, and teachers of all grades.
Our Special Reports and Select Essays compiled over the past 23 years provide multiple perspectives on the important issues of the day. Whether you are researching the challenges arising from the growing Islamic presence in Western society or deliberating on justice and public morality, you'll find it all here. Just click on the relevant curriculum.
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  Women in Horror: Victims No More

The Effects of Subliminal Communication in Advertising Messages

How Spam Became One of the Most Iconic American Brands of All Time

North Korea Rejects Calls to Halt Nuclear Weapons Development

'The Day the World Changed'-- A Former Trader on How the Credit Crunch Kicked Off

Heat Waves Threaten City Dwellers, Especially Minorities and the Poor

2,000+ lesson plans aligned to the national standards link to some of our best articles and collections.

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