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Special Reports on  "World Affairs > Asian > China"

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Special Reports

The Rise of Chinese Nationalism

In China, history is taught as a series of guo chi, or national humiliations. Small wonder, therefore, that nationalism is rampant, encouraged by the Communist Party to distract attention from economic instability and official corruption.

A specter is haunting China--an aggressive nationalism that touches every aspect of Chinese society, from politics to education to foreign ...

The 'Glue' That Holds China Together
Deng Xiaoping encouraged the populace to study China's history and past accomplishments to revive feelings of pride and gain support for his economic reforms....

The Roots of Chinese Xenophobia
During most of the twentieth century, Chinese schools taught history as a series of guo chi, or national humiliations caused by foreign powers....

Removing the Roadblocks to Reform
Foreign-invested companies provide half of all Chinese exports and much-needed jobs. The leadership wants to expand this sector through competition induced by WTO membership....

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