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Special Reports on  " Journalism"

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Special Reports

Journalism on the Rocks?

Are truth and objectivity still obstacles to journalistic advocacy or to a sensational story?
Marcia Klioze Hughes/The World & I 

The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer the truth ...

The Tilt to the News: How Journalism Has Forsaken Objectivity
"Mr. President," said the nation's second-ranked television news anchorman on May 27 and via satellite, "if we could be one-hundredth as ...

The News Monopoly
In 1969, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in the famous "Red Lion" case that "it is the purpose of the First Amendment to preserve ...

The Public's Right to Know
In 1890, a prestigious law journal argued that "the press is overstepping in every direction the obvious bounds of propriety and of ...

Make-Your-Own Journalism: The Trend Toward Fabricating the News
On February 8, 1993, Americans were treated to an unusually candid look at the realities of contemporary journalism. The occasion was a ...

The Commercialization of Newspapers
Read All about It! is the title of James Squires' new book decrying the corporatization of American newspapers. Although catchy, this ...

Ink-Stained Ethics: Response to Smith and Maitre
The two articles have this in common: Both deal with distortion of the news. But there is this most important difference. Joachim Maitre ...

The Sterility of Stereotyping the Media: Response to Smith and Maitre
Whenever one criticizes the media on grounds of bias, misrepresentation, or any other ethical or journalistic lapse, care should be taken ...

Profit-Driven Peccancy: Response to Smith and Maitre
In their determination to make a case that American journalism is in decline because of crazed liberal journalists and lowered standards, ...

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