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Special Reports on  " English"

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Special Reports

The American Novel

The May issue features an extended discussion of the American novel, organized around a long essay by James W. Tuttleton, associate dean ...

Tracking the American Novel Into the Void
Writing in 1880 to his Atlantic editor, the novelist William Dean Howells, Henry James promised that his forthcoming novel, Washington ...

The Real and the Romantic in Literary Imagination
Let us start with chapter 19 of The Portrait of a Lady. Madame Merle, conversing with Isabel Archer, poses a crucial--and strikingly ...

Literary Lights From the Void
Professor Tuttleton has with admirable range, concision, and insight identified several distinctive characteristics of the American ...

Realism and the American Novel
Although James Tuttleton is deservedly known for his penetrating essays, I am not persuaded by the generalizations he offers about the ...

The Literature of Negation
Professor Tuttleton has written an eloquent statement of the tendency of American novelists to resist the claims of verisimilitude and ...

The Social Tradition and the American Novel
Americans have always struggled to escape the authority of the Old World, in our prose as well as in our politics; we want to make it new, ...

Reassessing the Abnormality of American Literature
I was most interested in "Tracking the American Novel into the Void," as I am interested in everything James Tuttleton writes. I do ...

The Literature of Place
James Tuttleton's thoughtful and incisive essay touches upon some truly central features of American fiction writing over the last two ...

Leave it to David Reynolds to remind me of a glaring omission. He is quite right to point out that the American romance rises not only ...

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