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Special Reports on  " English"

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Special Reports

The Role of Myth in Culture

The five essays in this collection, written without any mutual collaboration or consultation, bear witness to a surprisingly (well, ...

Myth and Mythology
The interpretation and critique of myth constitutes one of the perennial concerns of Western culture. From the heritage of fifth-century ...

Myth, Religion, and the Real World
Words, like the people who use them, are not value-free. As Friedrich Nietzsche wrote a century ago, with his usual forcefulness, "This ...

The Elephant God and His Daughter
If you think mythology is something that happened only in the past or among "primitive" peoples, you should travel to India. There you ...

Mother Earth Mythology
Once the world was all water, and God lived alone; he was lonesome, he had no place to put his foot; so he scratched the sand up from the ...

Transformations at the Heart of Myth: Dawning, Order, Apocalypse
On October 26, 1982, an extraordinary intellectual and social event took place at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The location was ...

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