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Since it gained Independence, India's path into the modern world has been far from easy. Urban needs have conflicted with traditional rural expectations and ways of life. New technologies have brought opportunities but also unexpected challenges. But a foundation of core values and accepted ways has helped guide the process. Emerging today as one of the world's preeminent economies, India still has much to do to reconcile the new with the old. This Special Collection introduces some of the core issues and discussions regarding India's progress toward the global forefront.

Foundation of Values

Karma Capitalism: Doing Well by Doing Good
Knowledge of Self
Shankar: Humanitarian Holy Man
Kurukshetra: Hinduism's Battleground
Indian Culture as Political Phenomena

Moving Forward

India’s Broken Schools
Women Turn Waste Into Wealth
India's ‘Coaching Classes:’ Gateway to a Bright Career
India: Silicon Valley Expats Spur Innovation
India and Alternative Energy
From Chattel to Freewomen: Empowering India's Females
Divergent Paths: Brahman Computer Programmers Ponder Their Future

The Difficult Path

India: Home to One in Three Child Brides
U.S., China, India: A Plague on All Houses
Indian Corruption: Not Quite Cricket
India and Pakistan: Shortages Suggest Indus Treaty Review
Dilemma Behind Dealing With Terror Central
India: Mosque, Temple, and State

Changing Rural India

Can Land Rights and Education Save an Ancient Indian Tribe?
India: Fishing Communities Clash with Environmental Protections
India's Forgotten Farmers
Good Intentions Delay Escape from Poverty
India Cannot Afford Rural Failure
Picking Up the Pieces: One Year After the Tsunami
At What Cost?: Damming the Source of the Ganges
Narmada River Valley Development

Echoes of Tradition
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 Tradition and Change

India and the Arts
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A Developing Society
 Foundation of Values
 Moving Forward
 The Difficult Path
 Chainging Rural India

Modern Challenges
 India in a Scientific Age
 India and Global Society

Experience India
 In Good Health

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