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India and the Arts
India's traditions of dance and music are universally appreciated. The country boasts masterpieces of architecture and decoration. The historical melodramas and mundane soap operas of the Bollywood film studios are beloved by many. Whether it is the simple joys of a nun's embroidery, the humor of a village puppet show, or the mastery of a sitar virtuoso, the arts of India are rich, varied, complex and satisfying.

Visual Arts

All Eyes on India
Taj Mahal: Monument to Love
India's Magical, Miniature Paintings
Indian Art Going Global
Punjab: Eclectic Sikh Collection Surveys 500 Years of Faith
Hafeez Contractor: Blending Old and New in India
Hafeez Contractor: Reflecting on Success
Vastu Shastra's Resurgence: India's Feng Shui
Indian Art: Six Hundred Years of Art on Display

Drama and Film

Slumdog Paradox
Vanity Fair Shows Mira Nair's Flair for Novelty and 'Outsiderism'
India's Cinematic Window on the World
Parody and Comment: Comedy in Contemporary Marathi Theater
Satyajit Ray: Temptations of Voyeurism
India Has a Film Industry?

Music and Dance

India's Birju Maharaj: The King of Kathak
Ravi Shankar, Godfather of World Music
Ravi Shankar's Selected Recordings
Chawattu Natakam
A Flower on Lofty Heights: The Role of Women and Dance in Manipur

Folk Arts

Dolls of Channapatna--On Their Last Legs?
Indian Puppetry: Storytelling as Art
The Simple Stage: Reviving India's Street Theater
The Concealed Revealed: Ritual Embroidery of the Jain Nuns
Of Mud and Paper: Women Artists of Mithila
Three Stones to Mark a Fire: India's Forgotten Artists

Echoes of Tradition
 Festivals and Fairs
 Folk Culture
 Tradition and Change

India and the Arts
 Visual Arts
 Drama and Film
 Music and Dance
 Folk Arts

A Developing Society
 Foundation of Values
 Moving Forward
 The Difficult Path
 Chainging Rural India

Modern Challenges
 India in a Scientific Age
 India and Global Society

Experience India
 In Good Health

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