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A Window to India

Birthplace of four major religions, home to 1.2 billion people (the world's second largest national population and largest democracy) and enjoying the tenth largest economy, India remains a baffling mix of enlightenment and backwardness. Poverty and illiteracy are matched by high-tech modernity and industrial growth. From computer geeks to holy men, sacred cows to nuclear scientists, India has it all.

India's cultural heritage goes back thousands of years. Traditions of heightened spiritual awareness permeate social practices. Arts, crafts, and the performing arts are stunning in their variety and complexity. India is also one of the most rapidly expanding new economies yet its growth is marked by a sense of peaceful non-aggression. Society is pluralistic, multiethnic and multilingual. But there are also rampant problems of corruption, class, religious and ethnic discrimination, and even violence. There is the ubiquitous presence of the world's third largest standing army.

India is a destination like no other. Visitors from the developed world retreat to its ashrams in pursuit of inner meaning, or clamber into tour buses to explore its bazaars and temples. In this Special Collection we invite you to tour the many facets of what was once called the "jewel" in the British crown. We consider some of the main issues India experiences as it develops and modernizes, and observe the depth of tradition that enables the country to retain the timeless quality of its cultural identity.

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