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28046 Redford’s “The Conspirator” Explores Lincoln Assassination  
Julie Taboh
Most Americans know that U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. But they possibly don’t realize that Booth was part of a complex conspiracy. Booth ... Issue Date: 6 / 2011

25999 Diablo Cody's ''Juno'': The Fertile Life of a Writer  
Jenny Mayo
It was a particularly fertile year in the entertainment industry -- that is to say, there were a lot of babies being born to young, often unmarried protagonists in the year''s ... Issue Date: 1 / 2008

26000 Frank Langella: A Watchful Eye Translates Life into Acting  
Kelly Jane Torrance
On the surface, Frank Langella isn''t much like Leonard Schiller, the aging novelist he plays in the new film "Starting Out in the Evening." "I''m quite gregarious -- I''m ... Issue Date: 1 / 2008

25925 'Dark Stranger' Introduced Kerr  
Gary Arnold
The movie career of Deborah Kerr, who died Oct. 16 at 86, was punctuated by a curious also-ran status at the Academy Awards. Despite being nominated six times as best actress and ... Issue Date: 12 / 2007

25497 Minghella a Composed Filmmaker  
Christian Toto
Despite a record of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films (The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain), director Anthony ... Issue Date: 3 / 2007

25310 Alexander Mackendrick's Special Touch With Film  
Gary Arnold
The January 2006 revival of Sweet Smell of Success at the American Film Institute Silver Theatre was one of several reminders of the memorable but curiously deflected ... Issue Date: 12 / 2006

25102 Steve Martin's Many Faces  
Christian Toto
It''s a funny thing about Steve Martin. Every time we pigeonhole him, he wriggles free with either a new persona or yesterday''s model spruced up with a fresh coat of ... Issue Date: 8 / 2006

24919 An Ex-Marine Keeps It Real in Jarhead  
Christian Toto
Don''t tell Marine-turned author Anthony Swofford that the new film based on his experiences in the first Gulf War isn''t political. The narrative of "Jarhead" is dictated by ... Issue Date: 3 / 2006

24930 Lean's 'Oliver' is Best Twist of Dickens' Tale  
Gary Arnold
Filmmakers who reach back for well-known source material--as director Roman Polanski and screenwriter Ronald Harwood have done, with dismal results, in their new movie version of ... Issue Date: 3 / 2006

24607 The Whitewashing of Red Hollywood  
Scott Galupo
Lucky is the institution that can mythologize its own past. Like Hollywood, for instance. Hollywood produces movies about everything--war, sports, medieval history, space aliens, ... Issue Date: 9 / 2005

24337 The Alexander Backlash: Is the Box-Office Flop a Casualty of the Culture War?  
Scott Galupo
Oliver Stone may have had trouble digesting his turkey over Thanksgiving. His baby, Alexander, the movie that had been gestating in the director''s head for years, flopped ... Issue Date: 3 / 2005

24206 The Drama Behind Star Wars  
Gary Arnold
Star Wars Trilogy, the first DVD edition of George Lucas'' science-fiction adventure saga, looms as an irresistible gift for moviegoers who first formed an attachment to this ... Issue Date: 1 / 2005

24113 Honoring James Garner  
Pat Nason
When he heard that the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) would honor James Garner with its Life Achievement Award, The Rockford Files producer Stephen J. Cannell said Garner was "an ... Issue Date: 11 / 2004

23219 Politics in Film: The Seventeenth Filmfest DC  
Lloyd Eby
The Washington, D.C. International Film Festival--also known as Filmfest DC--usually has a section highlighting films from a particular country. The seventeenth Filmfest DC, ... Issue Date: 8 / 2003

21340 Filmfest DC at Fifteen: Little Miracles Abound  
Lloyd Eby
The fifteenth Washington, D.C. International Film Festival focuses on imaginative Argentine director Eliseo Subiela, rescreens rare gems from past festivals, and brings the ... Issue Date: 7 / 2001

17988 Hitchcock and the Censors  
Leonard J. Leff
Through collaboration and clashes with Hollywood''s Production Code censors, Alfred Hitchcock--born a hundred years ago-- developed the art of suggestion into powerful ... Issue Date: 8 / 1999

17458 The Resurrection of Ida Lupino  
Susan Fegley Osmond
Three years after her death, Lupino is the subject of renewed appreciation--not only for her incandescent acting but for her bold and prolific directing in film and ... Issue Date: 3 / 1998

16368 Exposing Waco: A Compelling Investigative Documentary  
Lloyd Eby
Waco: The Rules of Engagement is renewing controversy over the government''s role in the fatal 1993 clash with the Branch Davidians that left more than eighty ... Issue Date: 11 / 1997

16085 The Screenwriter's Quandary: Majors Versus Independents  
Beverly Levitt

14344 Mary Pickford Returns  
John Tibbetts
For sixty years, the films of cinema''s first great star have been unavailable. But now, videos and planned film festivals will show that there was more to the Glad Girl than ... Issue Date: 12 / 1996

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