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  Craft & Design Results: United States
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27575   Authentic Hawaiian Quilt-making  
Margaret Montet
When John Serrao sits down to design a quilt for a quilt-maker, he knows this quilt is intended for a cherished loved one. It will take the maker at least a year to create. He ... Issue Date: 11 / 2010

25705   Impressionism: Monet in the Bank  
Deborah K. Dietsch
Mount an impressionism show, and they will come. The light-dappled paintings produced by the artists of this 19th-century French movement and their stylistic offspring have ... Issue Date: 8 / 2007

25351   Feats of Clay in Duckworth Exhibition  
Deborah K. Dietsch
In making art, is it better to stick to a recognizable signature or roam in different directions? Sculptor-ceramist Ruth Duckworth obviously prefers variety, no matter how thinly ... Issue Date: 1 / 2007

25222   Carousels: Endangered Species  
Gabriella Boston
Old-time carousels--complete with hand-carved and hand-painted horses, tigers and lions and loud, waltz-playing band organs--are few and far between. "There used to be six ... Issue Date: 10 / 2006

25173   Woven Glass? Markow & Norris Make It Possible  
Judith Bell Turner-Yamamoto
Self-taught glass artists Eric Markow and Thom Norris set out to do the seemingly impossible--to weave glass into a fabric from which they would create sculptural art objects. ... Issue Date: 9 / 2006

24052   Masterpieces of American Jewelry  
Frederick M. Winship
American jewelry spanning 200 years of fashion is on display at the American Folk Art Museum in the new National Jewelry Institute''s inaugural exhibition designed as a tribute ... Issue Date: 10 / 2004

23973   Handcrafted Violins: An Art and Science  
Jen Waters
David Ludwik Chrapkiewicz practices empirical science. As owner of Rapkievian Fine Violins in Washington Grove, Maryland, the violin maker uses trial and error to try to make the ... Issue Date: 8 / 2004

21737   Craft Circuit Life: On the Road Again  
Stephen Henkin
Each year, thousands of craftspeople crisscross America in vans and mobile homes, selling their artworks at craft fairs both big and small. These "artists of the highway" pay ... Issue Date: 2 / 2002

21153   Wildfowl Art: Decoys Fly High  
Brenda Dorr Guldenzopf
A window on America''s past, the traditional folk art of hand- carved and painted wildfowl has become a subject of soaring interest among serious collectors, museums, and ... Issue Date: 8 / 2001

21456   Tommy Simpson: Craftsman With a Sense of Humor  
Karen S. Chambers
Utilizing every medium from carved wood to metal to paper for the past forty years, Tommy Simpson has been tickling the funny bone while expanding the limits of traditional ... Issue Date: 3 / 2001

21240   Magical American Fresco  
Susan Tenaglia
An ancient medium recalling both the very origins of art and the classic grandeur of the Renaissance is reborn as a key design element in contemporary American art and ... Issue Date: 2 / 2001

21000   Lancaster County Quilts: Stitches in Time  
Stephen Henkin
A remarkable exhibit at the Heritage Center Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, evidences both strong family bonds and the fine aesthetic legacy of traditional area ... Issue Date: 7 / 2000

20921   Clay Studio: Shaping a Community  
Stephen Henkin
Celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, the Clay Studio, based in Philadelphia''s flourishing arts community, has always believed that the freedom and skills required to ... Issue Date: 3 / 2000

18011   Sapatq'ayn: Art of the Nez Perce Nation  
Bob Loeffelbein
"Art is everything; art is all around us," states artist Leroy Seth, who lives and works in the Nez Perce reservation town of Lapwai, Idaho. "We have artists in many different ... Issue Date: 8 / 1999

18683   Habatat Gallery Spotlights the Stars  
Stephen Henkin
Now in four prime locations, America''s oldest glass-art gallery has been promoting the work of cutting-edge artists since the days when the magical medium of glass left the ... Issue Date: 5 / 1999

17619   Ned Foltz: A Pennsylvania Tradition  
Alicia Waite
Creating vibrant earthenware in the hand-dug clay of his native Pennsylvania Dutch community, redware potter Ned Foltz has breathed new life into a respected American craft ... Issue Date: 11 / 1998

17233   Amish: Men in Black, Craft in Color  
Alicia Waite
For many, especially the five million tourists a year now visiting Lancaster County, encountering the Amish lifestyle can be a bit of a culture shock. How in this modern age can ... Issue Date: 7 / 1998

16706   Philip Materio: Master Fuser Blends Art and Craft  
Stephen Henkin
When Philip Materio is not creating stunning stained-glass entryways for celebrities in South Florida, he is leading the way in fused-glass artwork. How he juggles the two ... Issue Date: 4 / 1998

16468   Wendy Ramshaw: The Beauty of Surprise  
Karen S. Chambers
When famed British jewelry designer Wendy Ramshaw applies her "hard-edge machine aesthetic" to a fascinating variety of precious materials, the result is anything but ... Issue Date: 10 / 1997

16530   Appalachian Arts: Craft School Thrives in Tennessee  
Stephen Henkin
Hot-air blasts from the annealing ovens; the abrasive sounds of glass polishers, sanders, and flatting wheels; pungent pine and oak being worked on the lathe; a deafening, ... Issue Date: 9 / 1997

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