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The United States has a unique history as a nation of immigrants. Every American can trace his or her families' origins to other parts of the world. But new arrivals and their children still face many challenges in settling here, particularly those for whom English is a new or second language.

Our ESL program is intended to help the process of their assimilation, ease their understanding of American culture, inspire their hopes for life in this country, and offer examples from among the many who have overcome similar struggles to become American success stories. The new arrival has so much to contribute to us all.

In this special collection we recognize the significant place of ESL Americans in the fabric of our society and celebrate their accomplishments. We hope that ESL students will find inspiration, guidance and suitable role models in these and upcoming stories.

Alvarez, Julia: Vermont Writer from the Dominican Republic
Betty Kwan Chinn: Meals for Hundreds
Capra, Frank: Itís A Wonderful Career
Chavez, Cesar: 'Yes, It Can be Done!'
DeBakey, Michael: A Remarkable Lebanese-American
Diaz, Franklin Chang: Reaching for the Stars
Felix Frankfurter: The Influential Jurist
Francisco, Peter: Hero of the Revolutionary War
Franszoon, Adiante: Carving a Life
Gloria Estefan: Shy Arrival Became Superstar
Gorky, Arshile: An Artistís Heritage and Legacy
Grove, Andrew: He Hid from Hitler then Changed the World
Jimenez, Francisco: Out of the Fields
Kazan, Elia: High Points Mark Director's Career
Kingston, Maxine Hong: Her Wonderful Worlds
Languages Lost and Found
Lee, Li-Young: Refugee, Immigrant, Writer
Manzano, Sonia: Sesame Streetís ďMariaĒ
Reyna, Susan: Queen of Harvests
Robertson, Jin Kyu: From Housemaid to Harvard
Saund, Dalip Singh: First Asian-American in Congress
Shalikashvili, John: Immigrant Became Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
Thai, Sonyta: From Cambodia to Connecticut
Wiesel, Elie: Fighting for Humanity's Dignity
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