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Article   Recommended Classes Posted Date
"40 Years After Vietnam, Blue Water Navy Vets Still Fighting for Agent Orange Compensation" U.S. History,  Science (General)   October 2015
"George Gershwin's Long Road to Porgy and Bess" Art,  U.S. History   February 2013
"Pilgrimage to Petra, Spain: Birthplace of California’s Historic Missions" U.S. History,  Geography   April 2012
"Ahoy! A True Pirate Treasure" U.S. History,  Geography   February 2012
"Hudson River School: Painting Eden " Art,  U.S. History   October 2010
"Yalta: Peace at a Price " 20th-Century History,  U.S. History   May 2010
"Saund, Dalip Singh: First Asian-American in Congress " Government,  Civics,  U.S. History   February 2010
"Making Sense of the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government " Civics,  Government,  U.S. History   January 2010
"French and Indian War: Western Pennsylvania's Unique Role " U.S. History,  European History   September 2009
"Dave: Slave, Master Potter, Poet " U.S. History,  Language Arts   May 2009
"Lee’s Life Complex after War " U.S. History   March 2009
"The Collateral Impact of Darwinism " and "Forgotten President, Aerial Pioneer " Biology,  Geography,  Humanities,  Religion,  U.S. History   March 2007
"Mess Is Best " and "Dizzying Friends and Days " General Science,  Humanities,  Literature,  U.S. History   February 2007
"Bay Buccaneers: Uncovering the Real History of Pirates " and "Incredible Escapes " Earth Science,  Geography,  Technology,  U.S. History,  World History   October 2006
"The Power of Reading: Reading and Inspiration " and "Globalization, Education, and Citizens of Muslim Heritage " Civics and Government,  Humanities,  Religion,  U.S. History,  World History   April 2006
"Marshall and Jefferson: Clash of the Kinsmen Still Echoes Today " and "To The Shores of Tripoli: America's First Overseas Conflict " Civics and Government,  Geography,  U.S. History,  World History   January 2006
"The Follies of Democratic Imperialism " and "Does the World Want America to Leave Iraq? " and "Introduction " and "Dispelling the Myths About Iraq " Geography,  U.S. History,  World History,  World Issues   January 2006
"Supreme Court in History and Today " and "How the Court Confirmation Process Became a Political Slugfest " and "A Court Turning to the Right " Civics and Government,  Humanities,  U.S. History   November 2005
"Southern Vietnam Today: Where Healing Goes On--Slowly " and "Scottish Rail Tour Captures the Mystique and Sweep of History " Geography,  Religion,  U.S. History,  World Issues   November 2005
"Why Hurricanes Can Be So Horrific " and "The Latest in a Long History of Calamities " Earth Science,  Geography,  U.S. History,  World Issues   October 2005
"Revolutionary Recluse: A Profile of Emily Dickinson " and "The Genius of American Painting on Display " Fine Arts,  Humanities,  Literature,  U.S. History   October 2005
"Guanajuato: Cradle of Mexican Liberty " and "North Dakota: Exploring North Dakota " Geography,  U.S. History,  World History   September 2005
"Rediscovering Rudyard Kipling " and "How a Great Physicist Came to Exert Powerful Moral Influence on His Time " Fine Arts,  General Science,  U.S. History,  World Issues   August 2005
"The Citadel: Saladin's Fortress for the Ages " and "How the British Navy Became the World's Best " and "Early Woods Fighting and the Debut of U.S. Special Forces " Geography,  Humanities,  U.S. History,  World History   June 2005
"Washington as More Than an Icon of Probity " and "Setting Right the Legendary Lucrezia Borgia's Bad Reputation " and "Discovering the Sublime Humor and Shy Life of P.G. Wodehouse " Humanities,  Language Arts,  U.S. History,  World History   May 2005
"Quanah Parker: Last Chief of the Comanches " and "Two Officers Served in Three Navies Within U.S. " Geography,  Humanities,  Religion,  U.S. History   May 2005
"Noting Black Civil War Heroes and the Injustices They Faced " and "Civil War: Battlefield Corpses Were Treated With Respect " Civics and Government,  Geography,  U.S. History   April 2005
"Introduction " and "A Political Time Bomb on America's Doorstep " and "Latin America May Be About to Go Its Own Way " and "Regional Integration Starting With Defense " and "Mexican Elections: Status Quo Kept, Democratic Process Suffers " World Issues,  U.S. History   September 2004
"'God's Plan' Guided Reagan's Life " and "Legacy: Tax Cuts and the End of the USSR " and "Philosophy of Ronald Reagan Lives On in Memorable Phrases " and "Silver Screen to White House; President Drew on His Entertainer's Training " and "Reagan's Secret Anti-Soviet War " Economics,  U.S. History   August 2004
"From Gospel to Soul to Hip-Hop " and "Artful Brooklyn Dodger " Language Arts,  Fine Arts,  U.S. History   December 2003
"Slipping Into the Sea: Last Days of the Arctic Community Shishmaref " and "Eden in the Valley: The Armenian Community in Fresno " Geography,  U.S. History   December 2003
"British Beginnings: English Seeds for American Harvest " and "Pilgrims Before Plymouth " U.S. History,  World History   November 2003
"Share the Burden or Fob It Off?: National Service and a Common Vision " Civics & Government,  U.S. History,  Humanities   November 2003
"Lewis and Clark Expedition: Pennsylvania's Contribution " U.S. History,  Geography   October 2003
"Quakers in America: Legacy of Light " U.S. History,  Religion   August 2003
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