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'Dixie': Is there a bit of northern heart in beloved southern tune?  
'Dixie': Southern nature captured in song  
'Lorena': Captivating melody remains a favorite  
1868 tsunami destroys a town  
Alabama unit defies neighbors for Union  
Battlefield corpses treated with respect  
Booth's oil-field venture goes bust  
Confederate Memorial Hall: An ailing Confederate museum  
Cousins' tales reveal family divided  
Father John B. Bannon: Admired by both sides  
Feds and Rebs were united in their love of baseball  
Flags rally troops; sought as booty  
Honoring a faithful dog  
Illustrious past comes alive again  
Jacksonville, Fla.: Repeated beatings from North and South  
Leading ladies: Different sides, like traits  
Lieber Code sets ground rules for waging war  
Lincoln's History: The Abraham Lincoln Bookshop  
Loyal mascots followed masters into conflict  
Machine guns: Odd but deadly wartime inventions  
Marylanders battle over honoring vets  
Montana's gold set another battleground  
Mountain credo runs afoul of military justice  
Mrs. Lincoln's shopping spree: Budget problems at early start of War  
Music central to both sides' war efforts  
Nancy Hart: Southern guerrilla wearing a petticoat  
Nicola Marschall: The Prussian who designed Stars and Bars  
North and South had songs of pride, sorrow  
North, South find support among Jews  
Northern Neck target of frequent U.S. attacks  
Pauline Cushman: No happy ending for spying actress  
Poem hails bravery of female color bearer  
Precedents for military tribunals date to 1846  
Priest devils his archbishop by advocating equal rights  
Quakers: Majority opted out of fighting  
Randolph-Macon College; Victorious after near-fatal closing  
Rebel spy story just a good yarn  
Rebels find a willing spy in 17-year-old  
Review: "Our American Cousin" remembers  
Review: 'Baseball in Blue and Gray: The National Pastime During The Civil War'  
Rose O'Neal: A 'Wild Rose' and her Confederate spy ring  
Santa springs from the pens of Moore, Nast  
Secession's apologists gut Constitution, history  
Senior officers are immortalized in song  
Sharpshooters change way battles are waged  
Songwriters find success thanks to War  
South's horse shortage hobbles cavalry tactics  
Star witness a Rebel with a Union cause  
Thanksgiving observed in midst of war  
Virginia railroads vital to the Southern cause  
West Va. region once theater of battles  
William Allen Harris: Hardships of a pro-Southern preacher  
William C. Minor: Madman's gift to the English language  
Williamsport: Caught in middle of war  
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