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Significant Military Leaders

Other Confederate Leaders

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Archer: Md. native's undaunted service to South  
Avery: Long-lost ancestor's grave dedicated  
Belle meets Stonewall - or so the story goes  
Berkeley: Confederate recalls 'gallantry' of his regiment  
Branch: An amazing part of the Confederacy  
Breathed: Doctor becomes leader of horse artillery  
Bryan: Md. legislator's explosive career for South  
Bulloch: Missing Files of a Confederate Officer  
Cherokee raids aid Confederacy  
Cleburne: Irishman in Confederate grey also foe of slavery  
Cooke: Battle experiences shape writer's work  
Corse: Local general suffered wounds, capture  
Duke's reign of success with Morgan's raiders  
Fitzhugh Lee a major general in two armies  
Forrest: A mixture of genius and guile  
Gettysburg: Longstreet blameless for loss  
Grant and Sheridan: Dual for the valley  
Hampton: Rebel officer a postwar voice for black rights  
Herbert: Act of battlefield chivalry never forgotten  
Hill: A tough general for the South  
Hood unlucky in battle, unlucky in love  
Hood's calamitous Tenn. campaign  
Hotchkiss: Cartographer helped put Stonewall on the map  
Hunt and Bragg: Longtime friends, battlefield opponents  
Jackson and Wingate: Bible as mighty as the sword  
Jackson Defies Odds in Shenandoah  
Jackson's 'Colored Sunday School' class  
Jackson's legacy and mystique  
Jackson: Family accounts of death of Stonewall  
Jackson: Odd tale of why Stonewall is buried in 2 places  
Jackson: Resting place for his arm  
Jackson: Rural spot where general died is often overlooked  
Jackson: Why did he stumble during the Seven Days?  
Johnston: Early demise of South's 'strongest pillar'  
Jones: Surliness snarls career of Gen. 'Grumble'  
Kemper: General's bravery brings him fame, injury  
Latane: Seeing 'Burial' with eyes of those who were there  
Lee and Jackson: Larger-than-life legacies  
Leopold, Rebel scout: Hero, murderer or turncoat?  
Longstreet becomes target of Lee's admirers  
Longstreet: Reclaiming his reputation  
Longstreet: Visions of the general  
Loring: Florida soldier served in wars of U.S., Egypt  
Mahone: A 5-foot-1 Rebel 'every inch a soldier'  
Maury: Oceanographer's life an erratic, creative voyage  
McDonald: Brave officer beats bullet, odds  
Morgan brings war to Union doorsteps  
Morgan's 'reckless' raid had a lasting effect  
Morgan: Capture of the dashing raider  
Morgan: His daring raid and prison escape  
Morgan: Robbery taints legacy of bold Rebel raider  
Mosby's raid captures four Union officers at dinner  
Mosby: A grimmer depiction  
Mottrom D. Ball of Fairfax was teacher, valiant soldier  
O'Hara: Poet pens his monument with 'Bivouac of Dead'  
Officers lead and die by example  
Officers serve in three navies within U.S.  
Patton family's military roots  
Payne: Noble warrior in Black Horse unit  
Pickett: After Gettysburg, a painful decline  
Pickett: Haze of history envelops second wife, son  
Pickett: LaSalle's battle to buff husband's image  
Pike: General's role brings Indian bloodshed, land loss  
Pike: Rebel general fought both North and South  
Pillow: The master of the smoke-filled room  
Polk: The Southern bishop who went off to war  
Porterfield never recovers after Philippi  
Review: 'Hoke' depicts forgotten warrior  
Review: 'Semmes' is saga of a naval raider  
Review: A Confederate general's emancipation attempt  
Review: A Politically Incorrect View of Stonewall Jackson  
Review: A romantic view of Stonewall Jackson  
Review: Army engineers' brawn, brains support troops  
Review: Bowen cast as 'Stonewall of West'  
Review: Heroic image, reality meld in cavalryman  
Review: Name 'Fighting Joe' well deserved  
Review: Tactics of daring raider get close look  
Review: Tale about Rebel sea raider is great  
Review: Updated, priceless look at Stonewall  
Review: View of Pickett through fog of history  
Rosser and Custer: Two West Pointers' cordial conflict  
Six Hundred suffer North's POW cruelty  
Smith: No limit to achievements of 'Extra Billy'  
Solving mystery behind Hagerstown gravestone  
Stalwart leader in 'Navy of Lost Cause'  
Stones River: John Morgan's 'Christmas gift' to Union forces  
Strange: From arsenal guard to hero of the South  
Stuart's 'unfortunate' engagement at Dranesville  
Stuart's intelligence role invaluable  
Stuart: Rebel general smitten by Va. beauty's charm  
Stuart: Touring the sites of his exploits  
Sulakowski: Immigrant engineers a career in Rebel army  
Taylor: South's cultural elite led by 'Soldier Prince'  
Tucker's career: From the South to Peru  
War's outbreak leads clergy to leave pulpit, answer call to arms  
West Pointers a dominant force on both sides  
Wheeler: Aggressive, tenacious tactics of 'Fightin' Joe'  
Wilkinson a blockade runner of top skill  
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The American Revolution, Constitution and Founding
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Jacksonian Democracy, Abolitionism and the Failure
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Robert E. Lee
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The Growth of Freedmen
The Emancipation Proclamation
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From Slavery to Freedom
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