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Battles and Political Events

Events of 1864

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1864: Proves pivotal to conflict's outcome  
Blakely cannon questions  
Cedar Creek: Artist sets his brush to preserving battle site  
Cloyd's Mountain battle brief, but fierce  
Cloyd's Mountain: Leaders emerged from fight  
Cold Harbor's brave men lost in fierce Rebel firing  
Fairfax encounter with Mosby shames Union  
Fort Stevens: Battle saved Washington from destruction  
Franklin left 'horrid recollections' for Rebels  
Freemasons' bond saves officer from death  
Gen. Early's summer march chills Washington  
Gilmor's Raid: A mission with audacious goals  
Gilmor: Train robbery almost derails a career  
Grant's total-war strategy: Battle of the Wilderness  
Grant's Waterloo: Cold Harbor  
Great Beefsteak Raid provides Confederates with rations  
Hagerstown saved by leaders' hasty action  
Lexington's terrible summer of 1864  
Maryland raid by Rebels tests loyalties, sows rancor  
Monocacy: 'Testimonial in stone' on battle site  
Monocacy: Horror of battle seen with eyes of a child  
Monocacy: Wallace's delaying action at river makes Early too late  
Mosby ranger: 'Nathan Hale of the Confederacy'  
Mosby rangers: Front Royal recalls the brutal killings  
Mosby's legend built by Greenback Raid  
Mosby: Hunt for Gray Ghost was similar to 'Moby Dick'  
Mosby: Love conquers all as Union's trap for the colonel fails  
New Market: Sergeant saves colors, soldier  
New Market: VMI cadets earn place in history  
North Anna: Grant fooled, but Lee misses 'masterstroke'  
North Mountain Depot: Sickness, death await captured Ohioans  
Oberlin students defend the capital  
Old South Ball still creates wonder  
Petersburg: The bloody charge of the 1st Maine  
Rebel campaign into Missouri  
Rebel plot and germ warfare  
Rebels' raid on ice cream melted into a joke  
Review: 'Season of Fire' blazes with telling details of fights  
Review: A thorough study of Atlanta campaign  
Review: A victorious account of Chambersburg raid  
Review: Book cuts a clear path to Wilderness battle  
Review: New insights on what led to the Overland Campaign  
Review: Unconvincing, cliche-ridden 'Dahlgren Affair'  
Richmond: Union raid failed but ignited Confederate passions  
Sherman: Atlanta's olympic endurance of Union shelling  
Spotsylvania's horrific face-off  
Spring Hill: Clash leaves enduring stain on Hood  
Spy mission ends fatally for local Rebel  
Staunton River Bridge: One gallant day of victory for Halifax rebels  
Vermont town invaded by the South  
Washington Arsenal: Memorial to tragedy of June 17, 1864  
Wilmington the end of the Confederacy's safe harbor  
Yellow Tavern: Little-known battle where 'Jeb' Stuart died  
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The American Revolution, Constitution and Founding
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Jacksonian Democracy, Abolitionism and the Failure
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