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Literature and art leave an unchanging record. Music and the performing arts move us in the moment. All give insight into the collective and individual creative soul, the accumulated experience of thousands of years. Explore China's diverse artistic heritage in this Special Collection.
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Art and Heritage

Chinese Ice Sculptures Dazzle Jerusalem
Chinese Diaspora Welcomes Year of the Dragon
The Art of Jijang Xing
Sah: The Power of Marble
China Goes Contemporary
Chang Dai-chien: Transformational Traditionalist
Chinese Art: Five Thousand Years of Elegance
Chinese Art Over Five Millennia
Jade: China's 9,000-Year Fascination
Chinese Art: 7,000 Years Represented in Montreal Exhibition
Performing Arts
China's True Wonder of the World
Guangdong Modern Dance Company: The New Face of Chinese Dance
China's High-Flying Troupe
Chinese Theater: Caught in the Current
China's Puppetry
The Dragon Seal: Censoring Film in China
Xiaolu Guo: Beyond Boundaries in Chinese Cinema
Gong Li, Empress of Chinese Cinema
The Great Wall of Cinema
The Story of Zhang Yimou
Remolding an Emperor: Bertolucci's Beautiful Party-Line Epic
Chinese Music Is Surprisingly Western-Influenced
Sojourners' Songs: Cantonese Opera in New York
Savaged Opera
Forbidden Song of Tibet
Touring Group Showcases Traditional Chinese Music

A People of Tradition
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Folk Wisdom

Arts, Crafts, Performance
The Written Word
Art and Heritage
Performing Arts

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