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A People of Tradition
From the philosophical influence of Confucius to the wisdom and insights of oral folk narratives, Chinese cultural heritage still shapes national character. This collection introduces topics that reflect both tradition and the power of change.
Confucian Approach to Reconciliation and Harmony
Confucianism's Revival In China
Confucius: The Embodiment of Faith in Humanity
Confucian Family Values: Lessons for the West

Tradition and Change

11/11/11: An Auspicious “Bare Sticks Day”
The Mongols of Kanas, China
Breaking Down the Doors: Christmas Dawns in China
The Light of Yuan Hsiao: Origins of the Chinese Lantern Festival
People of the 'Wind and Rain' Bridge: China's Dong Nationality
Friendship Through Paddling: East Meets West on the Water
Gods, Ghosts and Mourning
Five Millennia of Medical Practice

Folk Wisdom

The Fox Who Would be King
The Fake Scarecrow: A Chinese Fable
Flowers, Birds, and Butterflies: Love Tales of the Dai
The Eight Immortals: Humans Who Have Transcended Mortality- Part Two
The Eight Immortals: Part One: Enduring Characters in Popular Taoist Tales
Manchurian Folk Tales, Part Two: Great Hunters and an Orphaned Heroine
Manchurian Folk Tales, Part One: The Origins of the Manchu People
Yu-yen: Classical Chinese Fables
The Dragon King's Daughter: A Han Chinese Folktale
Five Tales From China

A People of Tradition
Tradition and Change
Folk Wisdom

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