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China: Over the Great Wall

No country promises to exert more influence over the coming century than China. Little more than two decades ago that statement would have seemed unthinkable. more
  A People of Tradition
From the philosophical influence of Confucius to the wisdom and insights of oral folk narratives, Chinese cultural heritage still shapes national character. more
  Arts, Crafts, Performance
Literature and art leave an unchanging record. Music and the performing arts move us in the moment. All give insight into the collective and individual creative soul, the accumulated experience of thousands of years. more
  Economy and Growth
In the last decade or so, global poverty has been halved. Virtually everyone escaping destitution during that time lived in China. Capitalist principles overthrew the entrenched lethargies of a state-controlled economy with astonishing effects.  more
  Foreign Relations
One of the great beneficiaries of economic globalization, China is now a major player on the global stage. It competes with the United States in offering aid to under-developed nations. more
  Travel and Adventure
It is said that travel broadens the mind. Certainly there is no better way to understand a people than to see them and their homes with your own eyes. more

A People of Tradition
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Travel and Adventure

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