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Hopi jar made by Nampeyo, who revived a 300-year-old ancestral potting tradition.

Though they can be judged in many ways, Indian festivals, crafts, and folklore most importantly convey traditional knowledge, histories, and interpretations of both the seen and unseen worlds.

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Arts and Crafts
Hopi Art: Constancy and Change on Arizona's Mesas
Native American, African, and Swedish: Weaving a Blend of Three Cultures
Mary Colter: Designs on the Canyon
Images of the Buffalo Culture
The Mysterious Matachine
Sapatq'ayn: Art of the Nez Perce Nation
Native American Art: Transcending the Stereotype
Catlin and the Indians
Oral Traditions
A Shamanic Tale
Yenaldlooshi: The Shape-Shifter Beliefs of the Navajos
Mother Earth Mythology
Ma'ii Joldlooshi la' Eeya': The Several Lives of a Navajo Coyote
Living by the Dream: Native American Interpretation of Night's Visions
Spider Woman's Legacy: The Art of Navajo Weaving
Share in the Light: Native American Stories of Creation
Festivals and Museums
'For the Fun of It': The 1986 World Eskimo Indian Olympics
The Omaha Tribal Powwow
Sapatq'ayn: Art of the Nez Perce Nation
Native American Art: Transcending the Stereotype
National Museum of the American Indian: Where Culture, History, and Issues Come Alive
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Western Expansion
Contemporary Issues
Preserving Traditions
New Trends
    Arts and Crafts
Oral Traditions
Festivals and Museums
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