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An Indian craftsman displaying his jewelry in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Seeking their place in the modern world while striving to preserve the integrity of their traditions, Indian societies confront diverse issues and situations.

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When Coyote Dreams
Between Two Fires
Tecumseh: Nature's Patriot
Going Native
Setting the Story Straight
Coverage of Racial Tension
What Is ‘Indian Country’?
Preserving Traditions
An Ancient Tree
They Dance for Rain: The Hopis
'The Rain Gods Aren't Listening': Modern Conflicts Threaten Hopi Culture
Difficult Times: Labrador's Innu Indians
Ancient Seeds
Invisible No More: Native Americans of the Northeast Have Eluded Extinction
New Trends
An American Indian's Quest for Justice
The Soaring Market in Native American Books
Medicine as Resistance
Wind River Women: New roles emerge Among Wyoming's Tribal Peoples
Making Connections: Navajo Kids From Utah Befriend Khanty Kids in Siberia
Native Americans Take Lead in Tar Sands Resistance
Cultural Support Helps Native American Students Stay in College
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