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About is an interdisciplinary resource that encompasses a broad range of articles by scholars and experts in their fields. Articles are aligned to each state’s standards for Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. Originally published monthly in print as The World & I, our site includes the complete contents since 1986 and continues to publish a new issue online each month throughout the academic year, from August through June. Among our features …

The Social Studies Page presents over 400 Special Reports encompassing 2,000 articles on U.S. Foreign Policy, Civics & Government, U.S. and World History, Sociology, and more.

The Language Arts Page features a valuable Book Review Archive, Speech & Debate resources for the NFL debates, Media in Review collection, Writers and Writing, and more.

The Science Page provides highly respected collections on Scientists Past & Present, Genes and Biotechnology, and the vast World of Nature, among others.

The Arts Page displays a glorious collection of over 1,000 articles reviewing the creative output of artists and performers in the areas of music, art, dance, theater, architecture, and crafts.

The ESL Program offers advanced and simplified versions of authentic source material on various aspects of American life each week for reading comprehension with audio clips and exercises, as well as vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, and an archive of articles on American culture.

The Spanish Page presents both advanced and simplified versions of articles in Spanish from Tiempos del Mundo, a prestigious newsweekly, each week and includes audio clips and exercises, as well as vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, a comprehensive section for beginners, and cultural studies of Latin American countries in English.

Other features include Our World: Sights & Stories highlighting cultures around the world, a growing number of Special Collections, Teacher’s Guide lesson plans meeting the national standards, a Speech & Debate page supporting the NFL’s Policy and Lincoln-Douglas debates, and weekly article-based Crossword Puzzles.

Over one million students and teachers across America and abroad enjoy the top-quality materials that provides.


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